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TRiO Student Support Services


Search Engines:

1)      Cappex:

2)      Fastweb:

3)      Sallie Mae Scholarship Search:

4)      My College Dollars on Facebook:

5)      CollegeBoard Scholarships:


Scholarships for TRiO Students:

1)      Indiana TRiO (April):!scholarships

2)      MAEOPP TRiO:

Scholarships for Minorities:

1)      Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship Program (September 30):

2)      RTNDA Ed Bradley Broadcast Journalism Scholarship (May):

3)      Surety Industry Scholarship Program (April 30):

4)      The Hyatt Hotels Fun for Minority Lodging Management Students (January 1 – May 1):

5)      Indiana CPA Society Diversity Summit Scholarship (June 15):

6)      Ronald McDonald House Charities African American Future Achievers

Scholarships for Veterans/Families of Veterans:

1)      Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship:

2)      American Legion’s Non-Traditional Student Scholarship:

3)      Samsung American Legion Scholarship:

4)      Spirit of Youth Scholarship Fund:

5)      Comprehensive Listing of Military Scholarships:

Women’s Scholarships:

1)      AAUW (Varies):

2)      Soroptimist (December 1):

3)      Comprehensive Listing:

4)      Society of Women Engineers:

5)      Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship (February 6):

6)      Alice T. Schafer Mathematics Prize (October):

Major Scholarships:


1)      Buick Achievers Program (February):   

Public Service

1)      Harry S. Truman Scholarships (February):


1)      Morris K. Udall Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships:


1)      SSACI Indiana:

2)      Minority Nursing Scholarships:

3)      Discover Nursing Scholarships:

4)      Nursing Scholarship Search:


1)      Minority Teacher/Special Services Scholarship:

2)      AFCEA Educational Foundation (Spring):

For Everybody:

1)      Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (every month):  

2)      Collegiate Inventors Competition (June 1):

3)      Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest (December):

4)      Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship Program (January 15):

5)      The Do Something Awards (March 1):

6)      AFSA National Scholarship Essay Contest (January):

Graduate School:

1)      James Madison Junior Fellowships (March 1):

2)      Jacob K. Javits Graduate Fellowships (October):

3)      STAR Fellowship Program for Graduate Environmental Study (November):

4)      Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Fellowship Program (April 30):

5)      Beinecke Scholarship Program (February):   

Pre-College Scholarships:

1)      Indiana TRiO (April):!scholarships

2)      Dream Scholarship Fund (Spring):

3)      Duck Tape ‘Stuck At Prom’ Contest (June):

4)      ArtLit Competition (Summer):

5)      Apple Scholars Program (May 30):

6)       Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship (Varies):

7)      Coca-Cola Scholars Program (October):

8)      Intel Science Talent Search (November):

9)      Horatio Alger Association Scholarships (October 15):  

10)     Discover Card Tribute Award (January 31):

11)     AXA Achievement Scholarship Program:

12)     Americanism Essay Contest (December 1):

13)     The Jackie Robinson Foundation (February 15):

14)     Ronald McDonald House Charities African American Future Achievers (Varies):