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School of Professional Studies

Why Professional Studies

What can I do with a degree from the School of Professional Studies?

Graduates from the School of Professional Studies go on to become elementary and secondary school teachers, coaches, special education teachers, social workers, school counselors, mental health counselors, and more. Many of our students continue their education in graduate school, with students being accepted to doctoral programs in fields such as Psychology and Education.

What is unique about studying Professional Studies at the University of Saint Francis?

The school possesses a strong core of faculty who are not only experts in their area of study, but in most cases have spent considerable time in the field. Significantly, many of our faculty are active in private practice while teaching, keeping them on the cutting edge of their respective disciplines. This translates to an exceptional discipline-specific practical experience in all of our programs, creating an authentic learning environment and bringing the classroom to life. And it is all done within a caring, values-based framework permeated by the university’s Franciscan values.