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Edwin Clark Schouweiler Memorial Planetarium


Public Program Visitors
Use the show information above the asterisk line.

Group Program Leaders
All the information on this page above and below the asterisk line is provided for planing your group's program.

The Planets

Audience:  Grades 5 thru Adult
Total Time:  90 minutes includes planetarium show and a staff led live sky tour.

The Planets is a tour of our solar system's eight planetary systems and Trans Neptunian objects including Pluto. This visually stunning tour of our solar system features recent imagery and video from NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA). The Planets is narrated by the actress Kate Mulgrew, well known as Captain Janeway of the 7-year television series "Star Trek: Voyager". The tour ends visiting a few planets around other stars and the cosmic forces that bring solar systems into being. The original musical score is by internationally acclaimed "space music" composer/performer John Serrier. 


For a customized group experience the staff led tour of the sky will be adjusted appropriately to allow for the group's specific customization within the alloted total time.

The Schouweiler staff led group live segment for The Planets can be customized with activities to help further explain one or more planet related subjects and phenomenon such as:

If your group's interest is not listed, then of course ask when booking, or when contacted about customizing your group's live segment.

The Planets



Updated 04/22/2014