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Physician Assistant Studies

Physician Assistant Students - Didactic Year 2009-2010

Jeanette Alcorn 

Name:  Jeanette Alcorn

Hometown: I grew up in Fort Wayne, IN but have lived in Indianapolis for the last 7 years.

Academic Background:  B.S. from IUPUI

Healthcare Background: I have worked for the past 8 years in the field of neurophysiology. I started working at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit in 2001 and have worked for Clarian Health and Synapse Neuromonitoring since 2002 in Indianapolis performing intraoperative neuromonitoring.

Professional Goals:  My goal is to become a certified physician assistant.  As a practicing PA my current interests include working in emergency medicine and going on medical mission trips to work with underserved communities, however, I am looking forward to clinical rotations to experience other specialties.
 Larissa Anthony

Name:  Larissa Anthony 

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona 

Academic Background: Bachelor’s of Science in physiology from the University of Arizona 

Healthcare Background: Personal care technician, hospital volunteer  

Professional Goals:  I hope to be a successful, certified physician assistant.  I’m really looking forward to clinical rotations, in order to explore many different avenues in medicine.

 Lindsey (Beuligmann) Bowers

Name:  Lindsey (Beuligmann) Bowers 

Hometown: Poseyville, Indiana 

Academic Background:  B.S. in Dietetics from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana

Healthcare Background:  During summer breaks and throughout college, I held a variety of certified nursing assistant positions.  However, I’ve worked as a full-time Registered Dietitian for a long term care facility in Henderson, KY for the past 2 years. 

Professional Goals:  With a background in dietetics, I anticipate incorporating the role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease.   I look forward to clinical rotations and am open to the idea of practicing in all areas of medicine at this point.

 Jessica Bruskoski

Name:  Jessica Bruskoski 

Hometown: Crown Point, Indiana 

Academic Background: I graduated from Indiana University in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Radiologic Science and a minor’s in Chemistry. 

Healthcare Background: I am a registered radiographer and have worked in this field full-time for 12 years.  Throughout my career, I have had opportunity to work in surgery, CT, MRI and in a supervisory position. 

Professional Goals: When I applied to the PA program I assumed I would always return to radiology.  However, since then I have become fond of emergency medicine as well as general surgery.  I look forward to all of my clinical rotations and believe they will be a great opportunity to expand my horizons.  After choosing a field of interest I would like to work with youth in my community as well as international healthcare outreach.
 Brittany Bunch

Name:  Brittany Bunch 

Hometown: Gorham, NH/Chicago, IL 

Academic Background: B.A. Biological Sciences, University of Chicago 

Healthcare Background: 4 years as a student athletic trainer at the U of C, 1 year as an Occupational Therapy Assistant at Northwestern Memorial Hospital  

Professional Goals:  My goals are to graduate and become a PA-C.  I plan on keeping an open mind during clinicals until I find a field I am passionate about.  Along the way, I hope to establish the skills necessary to develop caring, compassionate and respectful relationships with my peers, patients, and supervising physicians.
 Melissa Cooper

Name:  Melissa Cooper 

Hometown: Crown Point, IN

Academic Background:  I graduated from St. Josephs College in Rensselaer, IN in 2008 with a Bachelor’s in biology with a minor in chemistry. 

Healthcare Background: I have previously worked as a medical assistant in an OB/ family practice office and as an in home care aide with the mentally disabled. I have also spent time volunteering at a hospital and job shadowing PA’s and DO’s. 

Professional Goals: My aspiration is to become a knowledgeable and reputable PA-C who provides high quality compassionate care.  I am initially drawn to emergency medicine or plastic surgery; however, I am keeping an open mind to all aspects of medicine.

 Sara Flynn

Name:  Sara Flynn     

Hometown:  Columbus, Ohio 

Academic Background:  Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry from Bowling Green State University 

Healthcare Background:  Worked throughout undergrad and after graduation as a PCA at a large primary care hospital in Columbus. As a PCA I floated throughout the hospital to different units which gave me the opportunity to work in many areas of medicine including med-surg, orthopedics, cardiac care, neurology, ICU and the ER.  

Professional Goals: I aspire to be a significant member of the healthcare field as a highly educated and trained PA-C. I want to possess strong medical knowledge and critical thinking skills that will benefit my patients and also have genuine compassion for all whom I meet and treat. I want to make a positive difference in the lives of my patients and the health care field in general. At this point I am open to working in any specialty of medicine where I am needed.

 Kristin Frazer

Name:  Kristin Frazer 

Hometown: Billings, MT 

Academic Background: I graduated from the University of Gonzaga with degrees in Biology and Psychology  

Healthcare Background: I worked as a Physical Therapy Aide for a short time and then worked in Boulder, CO as a Radiology Assistant for 2 years  

Professional Goals: Currently I am interested in pediatrics but I am looking forward to my clinical rotations and the opportunity to explore many different areas of medicine. I recently had the chance to do a medical mission overseas and hope to travel as a PA to continue working with underserved populations.
 Lindsey Grady

Name:  Lindsey Grady

Hometown:  Valparaiso, IN 

Academic Background: B.S. in Psychology, from Indiana University Northwest, Graduate work in Biology at Purdue University Calumet. I was a research assistant in the areas of social and motivational psychology. 

Healthcare Background: I worked in the food and nutrition unit of Porter Hospital (in Valparaiso) for 3 years and as a Home Care Provider for 1 year. 

Professional Goals: I strive to be a respectable and adaptable PA, and to uphold integrity for myself, my co-workers, my patients, and the profession.  I would like to explore the possibility of living and working abroad, to educate and spread global awareness about the PA profession.  I am also interested in being involved in medical education and research.

 Kellie Graybosch

Name:  Kellie Graybosch 

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN 

Academic Background: B.S. in General Health Sciences and minor in Psychology from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN 

Healthcare Background: I worked as a certified nursing assistant for three months at a long-term care facility while attending Purdue. I also shadowed PAs in plastic surgery as well as nephrology and hypertension. After graduating, I obtained a position as a sleep lab technician at Indiana University Hospital in Indianapolis where worked for almost a year. 

Professional Goals: Currently, several areas of medicine interest me and I am excited to explore them all.  Regardless of the field I choose, I hope to become a skilled and compassionate PA-C who provides quality care.

 Amanda Jordan

Name:  Amanda Jordan 

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN  

Academic Background: Purdue University- B.S. in Health Sciences with a Minor in Psychology 

Healthcare Background: Patient Care Assistant, Medical Mission Trip to Costa Rica & Hospital Volunteer 

Professional Goals: My goal is to become a caring and trusted health care provider as a certified physician assistant.  I am interested in many fields of medicine and looking forward to clinical rotations.

 Hillary Kersting

Name:  Hillary Kersting 

Hometown: Evansville, Indiana 

Academic Background: I graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington in May of 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with minors in Chemistry & Business. 

Healthcare Background: I have been a volunteer in an emergency room, student shadow of a physician and of a physician assistant, emergency room technician, and pharmacy technician.  

Professional Goals: My main goal is to become a competent and compassionate physician assistant. I’m really interested in emergency medicine and women’s health, but I am really excited to explore all of my options! I am so excited to study hard to become a PA!

 Whitney Moody

Name:  Whitney Moody 

Hometown:  Daleville, IN 

Academic Background:  B.S. from Ball State University in Microbiology 

Healthcare Background:  I worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Ball Memorial Hospital for 2 years.  

Professional Goals:  My goal after graduation is to practice as a PA-C but I am currently unsure of the area of medicine I want to work in. I am very interested in working in underserved communities and bridging the gap between health care providers and their patients.

 Debbie Peterson

Name:  Debbie Peterson 

Hometown:  Stevensville, MI 

Academic Background:  B.S from the University of Michigan in Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Science (Biopsychology). 

Healthcare Background:  In the summers during college I worked as an EMT-Specialist on the ambulance and as a Medical Assistant in a Cardiology practice. For three years at the University of Michigan I worked as a Research Assistant in a Cognitive Psychology lab. I also volunteered as a Resident Assistant in an assisted living facility.

Professional Goals: Right now I am interested in emergency medicine and dermatology, but I am excited to see which specialties I enjoy when I am on my clinical rotations.

 Keely Phelps

Name:  Keely Phelps   

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN 

Academic Background: Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Purdue University and additional prerequisites for PA school at IUPUI. 

Healthcare Background: Patient care technician for two and a half years on a hospital neurology unit. 

Professional Goals: I am very interested in infectious disease, neurology and geriatrics.  However, I am looking forward to clinical rotations to see what other areas will capture my interest. I am also interested in working in rural setting.

 Cassie Porter

Name:  Cassie Porter 

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN 

Academic Background: I received an Associate’s Degree in Biology from the University of Saint Francis as part of the accelerated 5-Year Physician Assistant program.  

Healthcare Background:  I worked as a Certified Nurse’s Aide for a year and a half in a hospital. Then I transferred to an orthopedic floor to work as a Unit Assistant and received training in the emergency room as an Emergency Care Technician.  

Professional Goals: My professional goal is to be an exceptionally competent and empathetic Physician Assistant in a specialty to be determined as I gain experience in clinicals.

 Kasie Power

Name:  Kasie Power 

Hometown: Muncie, Indiana 

Academic Background: I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in General Biology and Pre-Medicine with a minor in Chemistry from Ball State University. 

Healthcare Background: I volunteered at Ball Memorial Hospital through my middle school and high school years. I also worked as a Personal Needs Technician from August 2007 until April 2009 on the Cardiac Telemetry Unit at Ball Memorial Hospital. Additionally, I have job shadowed various physicians and physician assistants.  

Professional Goals: My goal is to become a knowledgeable, compassionate and respected physician assistant at a facility that provides quality care.  I hope to build relationships with all of my patients and be seen as an integral part of the healthcare team not only by my patients but also by other healthcare professionals. I am open to all specialties and look forward to my clinical rotations.

 Abby Psonak

Name:  Abby Psonak 

Hometown:  Walworth, WI 

Academic Background:  Bachelors of Arts in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in May 2009. 

Health Care Background:  Volunteered in Meriter Hospital Emergency Department for a year.  Worked as a Nursing Assistant part-time at UW Hospital and Clinics in the Ambulatory Procedure Center for a year and a half. 

Professional Goals:  I am very excited to become a knowledgeable and confident PA-C.  I am currently interested in pediatric gastroenterology and pediatric general surgery.  I am looking forward to clinicals to learn more about different areas of practice.  I would also like to one day co-author a textbook.

 Daniel Ralls

Name:  Daniel Ralls 

Hometown: Anna, IL 

Academic Background: B.S. in Biological Sciences from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 

Healthcare Background: Worked as an EMT/Technician at an alcohol and drug detox/treatment facility for 21 months. I volunteered at a trauma center for 3 months and also job shadowed a PA in a local clinic. 

Professional Goals: To graduate and become a PA-C. I am inclined to work in the emergency department due to my background and training as an EMT, but I am excited at the opportunity to explore other areas of medicine during the clinical rotations.

 Courtney Rothfeld

Name:  Courtney Rothfeld 

Hometown:  Chicago, IL 

Academic Background:  B.S. in Molecular & Cellular Biology from University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign 

Healthcare Background:  I was a Patient Care Technician on a medical/surgical ortho/neuro floor at Highland Park Hospital in IL.   

Professional Goals:  My goal is to gain as much knowledge and experience necessary to become a well-rounded certified physician assistant.  Right now, I am interested in dermatology and internal medicine, but I am open and excited to explore many clinical areas.    I plan to continue my community service and participate in medical research while practicing as a PA-C. 

 Tara Rudisill

Name:  Tara Rudisill 

Hometown: I grew up in Bloomington, Indiana.  I currently live in Fort Campbell, Kentucky with my husband, Jim. 

Academic Background: I graduated with a BS in Biology from Indiana University.  I also obtained my Nurse Aide I certification from Caldwell Community College in Boone, NC 

Healthcare Background: Front office staff at Boone Dermatology Clinic in Boone, NC; Nurse Aide I at Blue Ridge Surgical Group in Boone, NC; Nurse Aide I at Watauga Surgical Group in Boone, NC 

Professional Goals: I look forward to caring for military families on or near an Army post as a Physician Assistant.  Currently, I would like to go into family medicine.   However, I may decide to specialize after I experience each field in the clinical setting.
 Scott Stephen

Name:   Scott Stephen 

Hometown: Grand Junction, CO 

Academic Background:  B.S in Biology from Mesa State College 

Healthcare Background: 3 yrs as a CNA at a Rehabilitation Center; 2 yrs as a CNA at St. Mary’s Hospital; 8 months as a phlebotomist 

Professional Goals: To become a competent, professional PA-C. I am currently undecided which discipline I want to pursue. I am looking forward to my clinical rotations helping me find the best fit.

 Emily VanDam

Name:  Emily VanDam 

Hometown:  Oxford, Michigan 

Academic Background: B.S. in Biomedical Sciences from Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, MI 

Healthcare Background: One year as a resource nursing assistant at Spectrum Health followed by two years in the Blodgett Regional Burn Center as a nurse technician for both the outpatient clinic and the critical care inpatient units.  I have also spent time with community outreach programs for the underserved with a focus on health, nutrition and fitness. 

Professional Goals:  To practice with integrity and compassion as a PA-C.   I would like to specialize in Burn Care, but enter the profession with an open mind, looking forward to life-long learning in a field of endless opportunities.

 Amber Wilson

Name:  Amber Wilson 

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio 

Academic Background: Bachelor of Science in Human and Consumer Sciences.  Degree in Dietetics, Minor in Psychology from Ohio University 2004. 

Healthcare Background: Registered and licensed dietitian (RD, LD) since 2005.  Worked as an RD in a nursing home for 2 years and owned/operated a private practice as a dietitian for 2.5 years.   

Professional Goals: Become a highly respected and successful physician assistant and continue lifelong education and learning.  Also remain registered as a dietitian and combine both healthcare fields in practice.