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An OSHA 200 form is filled out whenever there is a personal injury on campus. When filling out this form, be sure to note the conditions of the immediate area where the accident occurred. Include information such as footing conditions of floor or ground, handrails or guardrails present, safety equipment not used properly (or not used at all), and lighting in the area. An OSHA 200 form is also used to record the initial diagnosis of a work related illness or injury. The form must be filled out within 24 hours of the injury. Please refer all questions concerning insurance coverage to the Director of Human Resources.


Incident reports are filled out by security in the event of an accident, altercation, unusual or extraordinary occurrences, or loss involving any person or property on campus. Please note that this report is filed even if the person or property is not affiliated with the university. This form is also used to report all incidents covered by the Campus Crime Awareness Act. When reporting an accident such as a slip, trip or fall, be sure to note the conditions of the immediate area where the accident occurred. This will include information such as footing conditions of floor or ground, handrails or guardrails present, safety equipment not used properly (or not used at all), and lighting in the area. Employees should notify security immediately even if the injury is not considered serious and medical attention is not sought. This verbal report will be used to record the initial diagnosis of a potential work related illness or injury. Please refer all questions concerning insurance coverage to the Director of Human Resources.


All classroom and office buildings are secured after the last scheduled event of the day has ended. Access to a secured building is permitted for students doing lab work, studio work and work study tasks in that building. To gain access after a building has been secured, you must have a valid USF Student Identification Card and an After Hours Pass. The After Hours Pass must be filled out and signed by a professor or supervisor. Both of these items will need to be presented to the officer on duty at the time access is requested. Passes are not valid beyond the semester they are issued for. For access during breaks and between semesters an After Hours Pass specific to that time, with a valid USF ID, will be required.

Contact security at x7888


Use of equipment and fields must be authorized by the Athletic Director. Operations is not responsible for athletic field use or maintenance. A field caretaker, reporting to the Athletic Director, maintains all athletic fields and purchases any necessary supplies and equipment from an athletic budget set aside for this purpose.


Bonfires are only allowed in the cove by the lake. To have a bonfire on campus for an event or function, submit your request in writing (or send via e-mail) to the Director of Operations. Please note the following: One individual must assume responsibility for the bonfire, and must remain on site for the duration of the fire.

Operations grounds personnel will set up the bonfire and security will oversee Lighting of the bonfire. (No flammable fluids may be used to assist in starting the fire.)

The bonfire must be completely out before the responsible individual (as indicated in writing) leaves the bonfire site.

BUS SERVICE - Citilink

Fort Wayne Citilink has a bus stop east of Doermer Health Sciences Building on Leesburg Road. For physically challenged individuals, arrangements can be made with Citilink for pick up and drop off service to various buildings on campus. For further information or a current bus schedule, call the Citilink office at 432-4546 or on the Web at


Cable TV is available throughout campus. If you experience problems with reception, DO NOT call Comcast Cable. To report problems, please complete and submit a WORK ORDER request on the USF Intranet page.


Candles are one of the leading causes of fire in the Unites States. Over 10,000 fires per year are attributed to candles. Every year, over 100 deaths, 1,500 injuries, and more than $270 million in damages occur.

For this reason, the University prohibits the use of candles and open flame devices. The only exception to this rule is the use of candles in the convents and chapel. Chapel candles and open flame devices shall comply with Indiana Fire Code, Article 25

Article 25.116(b) (2) Candles and other open-flame decorative lighting shall comply with the following:


All requests for black and white copies are handled by the Copy Center located in the lower level of Trinity Hall. Copy requests should NOT be made through the USF intranet site, but submitted via email (providing the same information as required on the 3-pt NCR "Copy Request Form"). The intranet site is reserved for requesting copy paper, letterhead and envelopes. To ensure receipt of your copies in a timely manner, please allow for a 24-hour turn-around time. Color copying is available through the Copy Center at varying rates determined by the page size and toner coverage. Once fulfilled, copy requests are billed back to your department on a monthly basis. Large orders and those requiring special paper or finishing such as folding, cutting and binding, typically need additional time. Call the Copy Center (ext. 6108) in advance of your anticipated deadline to discuss additional lead time for any special projects.


UPS and Fed Ex deliveries are received and checked in at the dock area of Trinity Hall by Operations personnel. With the exception of extremely large or heavy pieces of equipment, all other deliveries should be made to the Trinity Hall dock. It is imperative when you are ordering an item, to make sure you follow through with delivery arrangements. Notify the Operations Department with the following information (with as much notice as possible): Date and approximate time of delivery, description (weight, size and amount of packages), department and location where items are to be delivered, and name of contact person. Heavy deliveries may require a lift-gate service. Ask the company if they provide this service (most do). The Operations Department does not have the resources to lift heavy items out of a truck. Provide the company with whom you are placing your order the following information: Address, building, department and recipient's name. If Operations staff is needed to assist in the unloading of a delivery, please inform the carrier to deliver no later than 2:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday; and before 11:30 a.m. on Friday. After these times, Operations staff may not be available to assist with unloading.


In an emergency situation call Security immediately at x7888 or use one of the direct dial emergency phones located throughout campus. Examples are medical emergencies, suspicious persons on campus, hazardous spills, fire, and gas leaks. When your call is answered indicate the nature of the emergency, your name, location and, if you know it, the number you are calling from. In cases of fire or life threatening injuries call 9-911 first, followed by Security. Flip charts detailing emergency procedures for all major situations posted in the common areas of all buildings on campus. Become familiar with the information contained in it and refer to it in any emergency situation.

All non-emergency problems involving buildings and equipment please forward to Operations using the WORK ORDER section of the Intranet.


Energy conservation is everyone's job. Please do your part to conserve energy by turning off your computer at the end of the day (if possible) and turning off lights and other unnecessary electrical equipment when you're out of your room or office for more than 15 minutes. If you have to cancel a scheduled class (or event), please notify Operations (ext 6106 or 6113) or the Security officer on duty at ext 7888 so lights and HVAC can be turned off.


An environmental study area is located on the southeast corner of Mirror Lake. This area is restricted unless you are accompanied by, or have permission from, a professor from the Science Department.


All University owned equipment or furnishings that have a LOCK, such as a filing cabinet or desk, must have the KEYS recorded and issued through the Operations Department.


The Operations Department has certain items (e.g. appliance movers, etc.) that members of the University of Saint Francis Community may borrow overnight or for a weekend. Arrangements for equipment must be made during normal business hours. An authorization form must be filled out by the Operations Supervisor responsible for that piece of equipment. The white copy of this form needs to be returned to the Operations Office, before the equipment leaves university property. Operations Supervisor keeps yellow copy, and the pink copy stays with the equipment, in case there is any question as you remove equipment from University property. The Operations Supervisor responsible for the equipment must sign off on equipment, stating it was returned in good condition. Please state on the authorization form if there were any problems with the equipment. The yellow copy of the authorization form will be returned to the Operations Office by the supervisor. The borrower is responsible for lost or damaged equipment, and will be required to cover costs of repairs or replacement.

The University of Saint Francis and the Operations Department is not responsible for any type of injury while using the borrowed equipment. Security will be notified of your request but does not have the authority to grant requests.

Equipment will not be loaned out if a profit of some type will be gained by the Borrower, or if it is a consumable item.


Please check with Operations before rearranging work spaces or classroom settings. Please do not place furniture or equipment into the corridors of any building without consulting with Security (ext 7888). USF can be fined for fire code violations and in some cases have a building closed until violations are corrected.

No structural alterations, painting or other modifications to university facilities is permitted without written authorization by the director of operations.


Please consult with Operations before purchasing, altering, or moving equipment that may involve electrical, water, gas, telephone, or data lines, or requires professional installation. Equipment may need extensive and expensive modification, or university utility services. These may also involve budget considerations.

Budget requests for classroom, lobby and lounge furnishings are initiated by Operations and other interested parties. Upon budget committee approval, these items are purchased. If you require a desk, chair, filing cabinet or other office furnishing or equipment, submit a request, on a work order requisition form, to Operations.

Please contact Operations prior to submitting your purchase requisition as we maintain minimum standards on certain types of furnishings (i.e. chairs, filing cabinets, etc.).


In the event of a fire all occupants of the building are to stop what they are doing and proceed to the nearest exit. The last person to leave an office or area is to make sure the door is pulled shut. In the residence halls, hall directors and resident assistants are to help in the evacuation procedure. Upon leaving the building, move away from the exit area. Wait for notification before re-entering the building.

Ten buildings on campus have fire systems linked by radio box to the Koehlinger-Kruse 24 hour monitoring service. In compliance with state requirements each of these system panels, devices, plus fire extinguishers, sprinklers and range hood systems, is inspected and tested by certified technicians in accordance with state fire codes.


First Aid Kits, stocked to take care of minor injuries, are located throughout the campus. Each kit contains a gown, face shield, gloves, and a spill kit for use in basic first aid and bio-hazard clean up. The kits are located in the following areas:

John Paul II

101 Library Circulation Desk
201 Library Circulation Desk

Trinity Hall

Operations Hallway

Achatz Hall

43Chemical Storeroom
102 Secretary's Office
120 - Anatomy
216 - Organic Chemistry
219 - Non-Organic Chemistry



Garage Above workbench
Rolland Art Center

002 - Printmaking
003 - Classroom
011 - Classroom
023 - Senior Studio
025 - Metal Room
027 - Ceramics
121 - Photog Classroom
132 - Woodworking
130 - Sculpture Room
201 - Drawing
207 - Matte Cutting Area
214 - Painting

Doermer Health Sciences

011 - OTA
054 - PTA
104 - Nursing Office, in closet
237 - Lab

These kits are checked monthly by a security officer to verify content. All officers receive training in basic first aid and CPR. Security officers are designated First Responders in accident, injury, fire or other emergency situations.


Fishing in Mirror Lake is permitted for Students, Staff, Faculty, and Guests thereof. A signed permit good for one year, available from Security, must be obtained beforehand. Guests must be accompanied by a USF permit holder. Please follow the regulations printed on the back of the permit.


Contact Operations before purchasing carts to assure there is adequate room for your carts, and that the building housing carts is properly wired for chargers. Gas powered carts are not allowed. Although Operations will help you with a low tire or suggestions on where to have a cart repaired, we are not responsible for another department’s carts. Three main causes of injury with a golf cart are the condition of cart, the operator, and the path. Departments having golf carts will follow guidelines specified in the Golf Cart Safety document. Department heads will assure all employees, including work study students, read the document and sign it. A copy must be sent to Operations. Please give instruction to those unfamiliar with a golf cart. Do not loan carts to other departments without having them read and sign the document. A copy of the Golf Cart Safety document is available from the Director or Assistant Director of Operations.


Donations: USF will not accept donations of hazardous or regulated materials.

Disposal: Disposal of all hazardous and regulated materials is handled through the Security department. When you are ready to have materials removed call the Supervisor of Security, x 6120, with a list of materials to be disposed of, including the quantities of each item. When arrangements have been made you will be contacted with the time and date of removal.


Heating and cooling of facilities is controlled by a centralized computer system to maintain comfortable room temperatures. These should be approximately 75 degrees during the cooling season and 68-70 degrees during the heating season. There are some areas on campus where proper temperature control is difficult, at best, due to the age and type of HVAC equipment and controls or, because the area has been remodeled outside the HVAC systems capabilities. If otherwise, please notify Operations.


USF Identification Cards are issued to all current students and employees and are available through the Security Department, located behind Bass Mansion. The card will allow the holder to gain authorized access to buildings, check materials out of the library, and carry an account balance for use of copy machines, printers, vending machines, and food services. There is no charge for the initial card but there is a $10.00 replacement fee for lost or stolen cards. Please notify Security immediately should your card be lost or stolen to prevent unauthorized use. Please phone ahead at x 7888 or use the call box at the security office.


All University of Saint Francis employees will be issued key and card access appropriate to the areas they need to access. A Key or Card Access Requisition Form must be submitted to the Operations Department to request the following:

Copies of the Key or Card Access Requisition Form may be requested from Operations through the USF intranet site (front page, under forms, click on “work orders”) or by calling x 6106 or x 6107. All keys and some access cards require the employee to personally sign for each key/card issued, accepting all responsibility for the keys/card.

For buildings having card readers exterior access will be by card only, no keys will be issued for exterior doors.

Any lost keys or cards must be reported to Security immediately. Anyone caught duplicating, transferring, or loaning keys or cards will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Employees who lose keys will be billed $25.00 per key lost. Upon termination of employment, all assigned keys will be inventoried and a Key Clearance form will be sent to Human Resources.


VOLUNTEERS: No keys or access cards will be given out without permission from the Vice President for Operations. Keys or an access card lost by a volunteer will be billed to the department they are volunteering for; $25.00 per lost key and $10.00 for a lost access card.

RESIDENCE STUDENTS: Campus residence hall keys are issued by the Hall Director. If you lose your key, the Hall Director or the Resident Assistant will let you into your room, your HD or RA will requisition a replacement key for you. There will be a minimum of a $25.00 charge for replacement keys. The charge may vary depending on the number and type of keys, and the extent of labor involved.


The Security Department will provide jump starts for batteries. If you experience a tire with low air pressure, call Security. They will contact Grounds personnel during business hours to provide compressed air. Security will provide this service after hours.

However, for insurance reasons unlocking vehicles, providing gas, changing tires, or towing vehicles is not permitted by any Operations personnel. We will gladly assist you in finding this type of service.


During business hours if you suspect a natural gas leak call the Operations Department at x 6106 or x 6107 immediately. If unable to reach anyone at those numbers, and after normal business hours, call Security at ext. 7888. Do not turn lights on or off or use open flame while waiting for qualified personnel to arrive.

If due to a very heavy odor you suspect a serious leak, evacuate the area and call NIPSCO at 1-800-464-7726, then notify security. Keep everyone away until the gas company arrives. They will have the proper equipment to test for gas leaks.


It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain a safe environment on campus. When unsafe conditions or practices are observed, safety personnel will issue a Safety Violation report to that individual and/or department head itemizing the specific problems and recommending corrective measures. If you receive a Safety Violation notice you must respond in writing to the safety & security supervisor within ten working days of the steps you've taken, or plan to take, to remediate the problem. The security department is available to help clarify the problem and work with you to resolve it. These violations are recorded in a computer database and are available for review by, among others, EPA and OSHA Personnel, health inspectors, Fort Wayne Fire Department officials and insurance inspectors. All Safety Violation reports will be monitored until the problem is corrected.

A comprehensive MSDS file is maintained in the North Campus Security office. In addition, all OSHA and EPA compliance programs, documents and training manuals are on file and available for your review during normal office hours.


All employees of the university are issued numbered vehicle identification tags to be displayed on the rearview mirror of the vehicle to be operated and parked on campus. Faculty and Staff have parking available in designated areas at Rolland, Achatz, Hutzell, Doermer, Pope John Paul II Center, North Campus, and Trinity Hall.

In the event that you should cause damage to another vehicle please notify the owner personally or call Security at x 7888 to report the damage. If your vehicle has been damaged or broken into call Security immediately to report the damage or loss (ext 7888). Damage reports will not be taken more than 24 hours after the event and will not be taken after the vehicle has left the scene of the accident.

The University of Saint Francis assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time it is operated or parked on university property. Please keep your vehicle locked and remove any valuables or store them in the trunk.


Please refer to the Crime Awareness and Campus Safety brochure. This brochure, updated annually, is available at the Business Office, Admissions, Security office and is posted on the security Intranet site. Please remember that safety officers provide escort service.

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The following Student Government Association (SGA) policy, approved by Leadership, is in effect:

  1. All advertisements must be appropriate to Francisca values and the mission of the University of Saint Francis.
  2. Limited to clubs and organizations annually recognized by USF as well as those advertising events for the USF community.
  3. Advertisements must bear the name of the sponsoring club/organization.
  4. Advertisements can only be distributed after approval. A club/organization can have an approved signature (written or typed) at the bottom of the advertisement. signature must be provided by the advisor or leading officer and must include the signer's last name and distribution date. Non-club or organization related advertisements should have contact name and date of distribution at the bottom of the advertisement.
  5. New advertisements should not cover current ones.
  6. All advertisements shall be removed no later than 5 days after the event. Advertisements for on-going events must be switched out monthly.
  7. Internal surfaces that can be advertised on are tables, by way of plastic table tents; bulletin boards and strips, using thumbtacks; and hanging from ceilings with paper clips and/or string. All exit signs must be visible. Approved adhesives may be used on any interior/exterior surface of buildings.
  8. Advertisements that are not flyers (i.e. table top ads, large posters, real estate type signs) may be posted under the above guidelines.
  9. SGA will be responsible for posting monthly event calendars in the sign holders inside restroom stall doors. If a club/organization wishes to have their events posted on the calendar for the next month, they must have information sent to Student Government Public Relations Subcommittee before the 25th of the current month.
  10. If an advertisement does not follow these rules it may be taken down without notice. Any faculty, staff, or student may enforce this rule. Clubs/organization blatantly or frequently violating the rules may be reported to its advisor and have posting privileges revoked for two weeks.
  11. Buildings and other structures that were not under the previous posting policy are now governed by this one (i.e. Vann Library)
  12. Methods of advertising on campus are AXIS TV, use of SGA outdoor boards by contacting the SGA secretary, bulletin boards and strips, sidewalk chalk, and real estate signs.
  13. SGA reserves the right to amend this policy as it sees fit, and all amendments will be submitted to Leadership Council for approval.


DO NOT call the utility company. To report problems, please call the Operations office at ext 6106 or 6107 or, if after hours, call Security at 399-7700, ext.7888.


At the University of Saint Francis, as in any community, all members of the campus share in the responsibility of preventing crime and maintaining the safety of their persons, property, and environment. To help maintain a high level of security please follow a few common sense practices such as not propping doors open (especially exterior ones), when leaving your office for the day close and lock all windows and doors, make sure all appliances are turned off and after dark walk to your vehicle with a companion or call security for an escort or a presence in the lot. Report any suspicious persons in your area to security. After business hours if offices or areas are found unsecured on repeat occasions notice will be sent to the occupant of that office or area as a reminder. If the activity continues notice will be sent to the department head or vice-president.


The University of Saint Francis supports environmental awareness by encouraging recycling and waste management in its business practices and operating procedures. This support includes a commitment to the purchase, use and disposal of products and materials in a manner that will best utilize natural resources and minimize any negative impact on the earth’s environment.

Recycling centers (or areas) are set up in each campus building, and laminated posters indicating subsequent locations are hung on hallway bulletin boards. Recycling centers (for paper, plastic/glass, pop cans, pop tabs and ink cartridges) are provided to promote the separation and collection of the following recyclable materials:

Recyclables Collected for Donation:

USF delivers the following recyclables to CARE:

Please do not bring from home fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs, paper (including newspapers and magazines), plastic, or glass. Batteries, aluminum cans, ink and toner cartridges are welcome.

Visit the Green Campus website at


Soliciting of any type is not allowed on university property without permission from the Vice President for Operations.


The use of tobacco, smoking, dipping, and chewing is prohibited on campus. All campus buildings, residence halls, athletic facilities, parking lots, walkways, vehicles and grounds are included in the policy. All faculty, staff, students and visitors are expected to support the USF effort to have a healthier environment for learning.

VEHICLES: Use of University Owned Vehicles

The use of any vehicle for university business (university owned, rental, or personal) is restricted to approved University of Saint Francis employees or volunteers only. Students are not permitted to drive any university owned vehicles other than mowers and golf carts. Students can never be considered volunteers.

University vehicles will not be permitted to be used for personal business. To help reduce driver distractions the front seat passenger will assist by reading maps, making phone calls and taking care of passenger needs. DRIVERS ARE NOT TO USE A CELL PHONE OR TEXTING DEVICE WHILE DRIVING!

Smoking or the use of tobacco in any form is prohibited in all university owned vehicles. When using the university van(s), any luggage will be secured inside the vehicle and no higher than the back seat’s top level; never on the roof.

Any person driving for university business will have been licensed to drive for a minimum of six years and have a driver’s license background check through the Human Resource Department. Upon receipt of a clean report, the person will be added to the approved drivers list.

University vehicles are checked out at the North Campus Security Office. No vehicle keys will be issued until the driver has been added to the approved drivers list and completes a vehicle checkout form. A gas charge card (for vehicle related purchases only), keys, and a vehicle status form will be provided to the driver at the time the vehicle is checked out.

The vehicle, vehicle keys, gas charge card, gas receipts, and the vehicle status form (with current trip ending mileage documented), must be returned to Security office immediately upon return. The return section of the vehicle checkout and return form must also be completed. A surcharge will apply for failing to:

The department using the university owned vehicle will be charged the University’s current mileage rate for use of the vehicle. There is no charge for local trips of 20 miles or less made by Student Activities Counsel or any Convent use.

Any person driving their personal vehicle for university business will be reimbursed mileage only if they are on the University’s approved list.

The department's account will be debited for any repair costs that result from damage to a university vehicle because of negligent use. Negligent use is defined as failure to observe traffic laws, failure to properly secure vehicle, ignoring vehicle warning system, or failure to maintain vehicle in safe and proper operating condition. The University requires use of seat belts by all persons at all times for any vehicle. Your driving privileges may be suspended, for an indefinite period, for any negligent use of university vehicles.

In the event of a breakdown of a university owned vehicle locally, have the vehicle towed back to campus and contact Enterprise for a replacement vehicle. When out-of-town breakdowns occur, contact the local dealership and, if necessary, a local rental agency for a replacement vehicle. Notify the Security Officer on duty at (260) 399-7888. NOTE: THIS SERVICE IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR UNIVERSITY OWNED VEHICLES BEING USED FOR A SANCTIONED GROUP OR TEAM ACTIVITY.


Possession or keeping of firearms, air powered guns or look-a-likes (i.e. paintball or water guns), unlawful edged weapons, explosive devices, on university premises or, in any vehicle brought on the university premises, is prohibited.


For tracking purposes, ALL work requests and facilities room requests need to be placed through the USF intranet site. Please do not ask staff members to take a verbal or email request.

For emergency requests only (e.g. broken water pipes, etc.) call ext 6106, 6107 or 6113. During off hours or if no answer, call Security at ext 7888.

Please do not call the Operations Office with a work request, unless it is a true emergency. Thank you!