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Department of Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is offered as a four-year bachelor degree program. After completing the program, graduates are eligible for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).

Graduates of the BSN program are prepared for entry level nursing practice in clinically oriented environments.

Program Goals

The faculty have prepared program goals which flow from the conceptual threads. By completion of the program, graduates will be prepared as nurse generalists and will be able to:

  1. Integrate concepts of the holistic person and a multidimensional definition of health into nursing practice.
  2. Integrate critical thinking and evidence-based practice to promote safe, client centered care for individuals, families, groups, and communities across the life span in a variety of settings.
  3. Synthesize knowledge from humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and life and physical sciences with nursing theory and practice.
  4. Foster a caring presence through modifying communication techniques and establishing therapeutic relationships with individuals, families, groups and communities.
  5. Collaborate with members of the health teams to promote clients’ health and welfare in an ever-changing practice environment.
  6. Assume a leadership role in directing nursing activities and initiating change to improve health care delivery integrating information and health care technologies within a diverse world.
  7. Demonstrate legal, ethical and social responsibility and accountability as a professional nurse.
  8. Implement a plan for professional growth and development as a member of the nursing profession.
  9. Evaluate research and integrate evidence based findings to improve nursing practice.

Curriculum Plan

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Traditional Curriculum Plan

Three year Bachelor of Science in Nursing Honors Track ACE Information Sheet and Curriculum Plan

For information on applying for the ACE (Achieving Credits Early) program as a High School underclassmen, visit our ACE admissions website.

Clinical Requirements

In order to participate in clinical experiences, clinical requirements as set by the Department of Nursing and clinical agencies must be met.

External Assessment Program

The Department of Nursing uses a system of external assessment and remediation for pre-licensure students. All pre-licensure students purchase a designated testing package upon enrollment in the first nursing course. The primary purpose is to help prepare students for NCLEX-RN success. Testing results are also used to evaluate course outcomes.

Pre-licensure students are required to complete designated tests including content mastery assessments at specified points in the curriculum. Additionally, a nationally-normed comprehensive examination designed to predict success on the NCLEX-RN will be administered during the final clinical nursing course. Students must achieve a designated satisfactory score on the comprehensive examination in order to meet course requirements.

Math Competency Program

A math competency program provides student assessment of math calculation knowledge and skills, and consistent testing practices in pre-licensure programs.

Career Advancement

The BSN degree offers students the education mobility to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing degree. USF offers the choice of two tracks within the MSN degree: Family Nurse Practitioner and Community Health and Education.

Additional Resources

The Indiana State Board of Nursing web site provides nursing education and nursing program information including NCLEX scores for Indiana nursing programs.