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Library Instruction

Library instruction is tied to the information literacy standards as set forth by the Association of College and Research Libraries. The a la carte menu was created as a guide to planning library instruction sessions for your classes. All lessons are customizable. You are encouraged to work with a librarian to customize a library session best suited to your students’ needs.

There are several things you can do to help ensure a successful library session.

Schedule your session when students are beginning their research. Students pay more attention when they have a direct need for the information.

Consider two shorter sessions rather than one long session. One idea is to have a presentation in your classroom and then a follow-up hands-on session in the computer lab.

Attend the session with your students. This shows you students the importance of the session and is helpful if a student needs clarification on the assignment. Also, many faculty have commented on how much they learn during the session. Technology changes quickly and attending the session with your students helps you keep up with new resources.

Work with the librarian to customize your session. If you are not sure which lessons would best serve your students, the librarian will be happy to make recommendations based on your assignment.

We are constantly reviewing feedback from faculty to improve our session offerings and welcome any comments you may have.

If you have comments, questions or would simply like to speak to a live person, please contact either Cindy Kump (399-7700 x6056) or for Health Sciences classes, Cort Eyer (399-7700 x6057).