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Departmental Allocation

Each year the library designates some part of its book budget to be spent directly by faculty. These funds are allocated according to a formula which takes into account parity, enrollment and faculty count. The following formula is applied for each department:

Departmental Allocation =

¼ of the total is divided equally amongst all departments

¼ of the total is divided by undergraduate enrollment* based on major

¼ of the total is divided by graduate enrollment *based on major

¼ of the total is divided by Faculty FTE** for all departments


*Enrollment figures are based on the fifth week count of the previous fall and provided by the Office of the Registrar.

**Faculty FTE is provided by the Human Resources Department, based upon the fall semester of the previous year.

Allocation amounts are calculated by the library director as soon as all of the necessary information is available. The allocation amounts should go out no later than October 31st of each year to deans and department chairs. A deadline for ordering via this fund will be distributed with the allocation notification.

Each department is expected to stay within its annual allocation. Any orders received above and beyond the allocated amount will be returned to the originator and can be resubmitted for the next budget year. If funds still remain for your department after the deadline, it will become the responsibility of your Library Liaison to spend those funds on your behalf.

Special Request

If your department has needs or requests above and beyond your annual book allocation, these can be submitted to the library director for consideration. When submitting special requests, please be sure to include the following information: Who is making the request (faculty name and department), the urgency of the request (when do you expect the materials to be used), justification (who or what courses will use the materials) and any other information you might have in support of the request.

The Core Collection Funds

The library also uses the above formula to allocate additional funding to each department to ensure a well rounded and fully developed collection. This is referred to as the Core Collection Fund. Library Liaisons use these funds to fill any gaps in the collection on a departmental basis. Collection Analysis tools as well as published reviews and core recommendation lists are used to help guide these purchases.

Any questions regarding the allocation formula or core collection fund should be sent to the library director.