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History and Social Sciences

Sociology: Criminology Emphasis

The two emphases within the Sociology program at the University of Saint Francis are Criminology and Social Justice. Both programs lead to a Bachelor's degree.

At the University of Saint Francis, the study of Criminology is founded on an intellectual community where students are involved in and learn about criminological research that links science and theory to matters of effective and responsible public policy. We value scholarly collaboration and emphasize the importance of research that has real-world implications in the process of peacebuilding and that serves as the foundation for a more socially just world. We create knowledge blended with faith in support of our Franciscan values.  In a discipline that is fraught with conflict and injustice, the University of Saint Francis provides students the opportunity to participate in the criminal justice system in a manner that promotes human dignity and respect for creation.

You can learn about the Sociology curriculum and the requirements of the Criminology emphasis on the main Sociology page.