Green Campus Initiative

USF Continually Strives to Implement "Green" Practices

Student involvement is paramount to sustainability. We are pleased to announce Dr. Paul Schmidt's energy audit project employs students who are learning about and performing assessments on campus buildings using modern equipment and technology. Additionally, Dr. Andrea Geyer has been awarded a grant to work with students to perform lead testing at residences near campus.

Various other projects are taking place around campus. Find out what you can do in your residence hall, at home, and even around town to help make a difference.

If you have ideas or would like to get more involved in the Green Campus Initiative, please feel free to contact us. You can also talk to any of the committee members: Co-Chairs Trina Herber (Arts/Sciences) or Lou Weber (Biology); Tom Buuck (Operations); Sr. Mary Govert (Campus Ministry); Amberly Nowak (Marketing); Lewis Pearson (Theology); Cheryl Erickson (Nursing); Phil Maurizi (Advising Center); or Rodney Maley (OIRE).


Ecology Corner

Our Ecology Corner offers some great tips on what you can to do help the planet.


Get Involved Today!

Contact the Green Campus Committee Chairperson Dr. Louise Weber.


Useful Links

We have listed a variety of links from the City of Fort Wayne and Allen County web sites to help you go green.