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Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid administers financial aid from federal, state, institutional, and private resources according to the Federal guidelines provided by the U.S. Department of Education. The university works with students and families in determining available funds to help meet the cost of education at the University of Saint Francis.

Important Private Loan Information

Disclosures lenders must provide to borrowers

Private Education Loans

Though we encourage students to utilize Federal Work Study Employment opportunities and summer earnings to finance their education, we realize there are some situations where students need to borrow beyond this.  It is our goal to help each student understand the financial obligations they commit themselves to when borrowing.  When selecting a private loan lender, carefully examine the rates and terms associated with the loan.  The borrower's and/or co-borrower's credit will be examined to determine approval of the loan.  Eligibility of the loan amount applied for will be determined by cost of education minus the total of financial aid received.

Applying for a Private Loan

Listed below are two application tools that will provide access to multiple lenders.  Both the ISM Marketplace and FASTChoice will allow you to compare lenders and rates for possible alternative loans.  As a borrower, you have the option to select any lender you choose.  We recommend that you select a lender included in one of the tools below in order to ensure your loans are processed as quickly and smoothly as possible.  Please understand that we will process a loan with a lender that is not listed.  If you have any questions regarding the process used to select the lenders included in the ISM Marketplace or in FASTChoice, please contact our office.

    View ISM Marketplace Lenders' TILA Application Disclosures: