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Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid administers financial aid from federal, state, institutional, and private resources according to the Federal guidelines provided by the U.S. Department of Education. The university works with students and families in determining available funds to help meet the cost of education at the University of Saint Francis.

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Federal Pell Grant Changes - July 1, 2012

Beginning July 1, 2012, Pell Grant eligible students will be limited to receiving a maximum of 12 full-time semesters of Pell Grant funding.  The US Department of Education equates one full-time semester as 50% of Pell Grant eligibility.  The chart below provides the conversion based on a standard semester academic calendar.

Enrollment Status
Percentage of Pell Used Per Semester

Full-Time (12+ credit hours)

50 %

Three Quarter Time (9-11 credit hours)

37.5 %

Half-Time (6-8 credit hours)

25 %

Less Than Half-Time (5 or less credit hours)

12.5 %


Once a student has reached 600%, they will no longer be eligible to receive Pell Grant funding.  Other options for paying for your education are listed below:

Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships can be searched online for free.  There are several search engines available.  The University of Saint Francis also provides an private scholarship opportunities page with scholarship applications.

Alternative Loans

There are several private lenders who provide alternative education loans.  These are credit-based loans that may require a credit-worthy co-signer.


If you have questions about these options, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.