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Department of Education Accreditation

Annual Faculty Scholarship Record (2006 - 2007)

Annual Faculty Scholarship Record (2007 - 2008)

Annual Faculty Scholarship Record (2008 - 2009)

Boyer Model Definitions

Candidate Field Assessment Process

Cooperating Teacher Summary Vita

Course Matrix Chart - Baccalaureate

Course Matrix Chart - Exceptional Needs

Course Matrix Chart - School Counseling

Faculty Accomplishments & Projects - Education

Faculty Accomplishments & Projects - School Counseling

Faculty Development Day

Faculty Memberships

Faculty Performance

Faculty Resource and Orientation Guide (FROG)

Faculty Self Evaluation Form - Education

Faculty Self Evalaution Form - School Counseling

Faculty Service Activities

Field Supervisor Summary Vita

Five-Year Plan

IDEA Diagnostic Form Report

IDEA Group Summary Reports

Impact on Course Content and Instructional Approach

Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey

Overview of Faculty Scholarship

Table 11

Teacher-Centered and Candidate-Centered Instructional Strategies

Technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning