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Department of Education

Daniel J. Torlone

Associate ProfessorDan Torlone

Chair, Department of Education

Professional Education

Doctor of Education, Teachers College, Columbia University
Program Emphasis: Educational Administration

Master of Education, Boston University
Program Emphases: Educational Administration
Curriculum and Instruction

Bachelor of Arts, Marshall University
Majors: Secondary Social Studies
Elementary Education

Subject Areas Taught

The gulf between the ideal of teaching and the real may be deep. Yet, when I recall the words of the eminent philosopher, Dr. John Dewey, the gulf becomes less daunting, and even hopeful: “Education is not preparation for life. Education is life.”


My professional efforts explore the connection between policy and practice.  Of particular interest are the ways in which macro education policies do and do not, can and cannot impact student learning and teacher effectiveness. 


Professional Memberships



Curriculum Vitae

Daniel J. Torlone