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Commuter Life

Commuter Services exists to: Provide programs and services that will enhance the experience of commuter students. Encourage the development of commuter students by creating opportunities for engagement, growth, and learning. Provide information, support and advocacy to all off-campus students.


Commuter students make up approximately 82.9% of the student population at the University of Saint Francis (Statistics: Spring 2013).  Included in this unique population are traditional-aged students who are eligible to live off campus (see Residency Requirement), as well as those who work full-time, who have families at home, and those who are returning for a second degree.

Living off campus has its benefits and challenges.  Commuter Services exists to help commuting students throughout their tenure at USF.  We work to provide programs that will enhance the USF experience: we send out periodical newsletters, plan bi-weekly social events that take place during the day, provide workshops aimed at the unique needs of commuter students, and we call each commuter student each semester just to stay in touch.  It is our hope that in doing these things we are providing the resources, support, and advocacy to help each commuter student be successful.

We want you to feel connected to the USF community!  Be sure to join the Commuter Group on My Cougar Connection, like our Commuter Services Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter--we will keep you up-to-date on what is happening on campus and ways that you can get involved.

If there is anything we can do to make your experience better, please contact us at



You have questions?  We have answers! 

Where can I study in between classes?

Each academic building has lounges that are open for studying.  If you are looking for somewhere quiet, the Library is always a good option.  North Campus has a large lounge area that is perfect for charging your laptop, studying, or catching up on current events.  The Student Center is also a great spot to study--it's usually pretty quiet during the day. 

Will I lose out academically by not living on campus?

Certainly not!  Commuter students have the same access to campus as those who live in the residence halls.  Many support services are located conveniently in the Pope John Paul II Center to meet the needs of our commuter students while you are on campus.  Clubs and Organizations that are based on academic interest are open to all students (as are the clubs and organizations based on common interest). 

How can I get involved on campus?

There are many opportunities for involvement at the University of Saint Francis.  Incoming students will participate in a Resource Fair, where most clubs and organizations have representatives available to answer questions and provide information.  In addition, each club and organization is listed in the Student Handbook, along with contact information for the advisor. 

USF provides many activities that are free of cost (or low cost if indicated) for current students.  From SAC events (that include comedians, game shows, and road trips,) to Commuter Services activities that take place regularly during the day throughout the semester, to intercollegiate home games, all USF students have a number of opportunities to get involved. 

At the University of Saint Francis, we believe that the college experience is about the education that takes place in the classroom and the growth that takes place outside the classroom.  Involvement on campus is one of the best ways to experience growth and get the most out of your educational endeavour at USF!  Feel free to contact the Director of Student Activities if you have questions or need assistance finding the right place to get plugged in to campus life!

Who on campus can help me with any questions that I have?

There are a lot of offices and friendly faces on campus--but sometimes it's hard to know who to talk to about the specific questions that you have.  Generally, questions that you have about your academic curriculum or major should be directed to your advisor.  Questions about academic assistance--including tutoring, test taking help, writing assistance, etc. should be directed to Student Academic Support Services (also known as SASS).  Questions about internships, practicums, job placement, resume and interview preparation should be directed to SASS as well.  Financial questions can be directed to your Financial Aid Counselor or the Business Office--both are located in Trinity Hall. 

If you still aren't sure who to talk to, contact Student Life at 399-8100 or send an email to

Are there commuter meal plans available?

Yes.  If you eat on campus more than twice a week, you might be interested in one of our commuter meal plans.  Three options are available for commuter students to purchase.  Check out the Meal Plans tab.

How can I stay up-to-date on what is happening on campus?

Communication with students is key to providing great service!  At USF, we utilize a communication system called AXIS-TV that allows us to post announcements and information that is important for students.  We also use My Cougar Connect to post announcements and keep students in the loop regarding security information and upcoming events. 

Commuter students receive a copy of Connections each semester.  This newsletter is sent to the student's current address.  If you aren't receiving your copy, visit the Registrar's Office (located in PJPII) to update your contact information. Additionally, Commuter Services sends a monthly e-Newsletter to your USF email address. 

Commuter Services is on Facebook and Twitter.