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Department of Chemistry

Undergraduate Programs

Matter and energy in their transformations and manifestations form the basis of the curriculum in Chemistry and the Physical Sciences at the University of Saint Francis. The highly-qualified faculty and the physical setting support the learning environment. The Schouweiler Planetarium and other specialty laboratories, including organic, biochemistry, physics, geology, environmental, and insturmental, enable students to encounter and interact with the materials and equipment of science. The laboratory instrumentation includes: Chromatography-GC, GC-MS and HPLC, Spectroscopy: IR, UV-Vis, AA, flourescence, NMR, and special instruments of biotechnology. Faculty research interests include: porphyrins, RNA, minerology, water analysis, natural products, etc. Students in the program participate in undergraduate research.


The study of chemistry and physical sciences prepares program participants to provide stewardship of natural resources and to contribute to society in careers in industry, research, medicine, product development, and quality control.