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Department of Chemistry

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The 4th annual research exhibition will be on March 27th from 5-7pm.  Join us as Dr. Lou Weber starts our exhibition discussing the correlation between Shorebirds and our role as ambassadors of the oceans at 5 pm.  Students, faculty, and alumni will share posters about their various research projects and interests.  If you are also interested in presenting a poster, please submit a registration form electronically.   


Science is exploratory in nature; therefore students in the chemistry program are required to be involved in research or an internship. We believe that it is essential for students to explore and apply their classroom knowledge to projects.

Faculty in the department of chemistry work with students to design and develop a project to fit their interests and the resources available to them. In several cases, projects are interdisciplinary requiring students to work with faculty in biology, chemistry, and environmental science. A few of the sample projects and students who are currently or have been involved in projects:


A successful chemistry career begins with an introduction to the major fields of chemistry in a course combining classroom and laboratory experiences. A core curriculum of chemistry classes in organic and inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and research is a requisite for all chemistry majors. At the University of Saint Francis, two distinct tracks of study are available in biochemistry and analytical chemistry. These tracks allow students to focus on the areas of chemistry that are essential for achieving their career goals.