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Stain Glass in the Trinity Chapel

Stations of the Cross

Stain Glass in the Trinity Chapel

Campus Ministry



The Sacrament of the Eucharist is available at our Masses throughout the week in the St. Francis Chapel, which is located in the west end of Trinity Hall.

Weekday Masses during the school year are generally Monday-Friday at 12:05 PM. Check the Mass calendar for the most accurate times for all Masses or call (260) 399-7700, ext. 6412.

Sunday evening Masses during the school year are celebrated at 7:00 PM unless otherwise noted on the monthly Mass calendar.

Have you been a lector, extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, or music minister in your home parish and would you like to continue here at USF? Or, would you like to learn more about one of the liturgical ministries and get involved? If so, then please contact Sr. Gayle.

Note: We are blessed to have the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend film the T.V. mass for the Fort Wayne area in our chapel here at USF. But besides holding the Mass here, USF has little to do with the actual filming or schedule of that T.V. Mass. If you have questions, then they should be directed to the Catholic Communications Office, (260) 744-0012. Calls regarding the T.V. Mass that our left on our Campus Ministry phones will not be returned.


The Sacrament of Confession is available through three different options:

Places to Pray on Campus

Need a quiest place to get away and relfect? Here are some ideas:

Evening Prayer

All are invited to join the Sisters in the Chapel on Monday-Friday at 5:30 PM to pray Evening Prayer. Books will be provided.

Liturgy of the Hours

Join us as we pray the Liturgy of the Hours daily (Monday-Friday)! Here is the schedule:

Feel free to come to some or all the prayers, even if you are unfamiliar with the Divine Office. Resources and instruction provided. Sponsored by Send Forth and Cougars FFL.


Eucharistic Adoration is available in two forms on our campus.