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What is the CEO Forum Education Initiative?

The University of Saint Francis CEO Forum is in its 20th year bringing top entrepreneurs to campus to speak to our students and business community. In 2011, we began an effort to further expand the insight and wisdom shared by these accomplished CEOs to high schools, where young entrepreneurial talent is naturally taking shape.

Identified speaker content connected to Indiana State Teaching Standards

To enable you to review this content and ensure its relevance to your students, we have provided the 2011 speaker's remarks showing the relation to the 2011 Indiana State Teaching Standards. The 2012 speaker’s remarks showing the relation to the 2012 Indiana State Teaching Standards is also provided.

2011 & 2012 Keynote Speaker videos now available

The 2011 forum features Culver's co-founder and CEO, Craig Culver. Beyond a connection your students may have as a Culver's restaurant customer, they will hear firsthand the humble beginnings of the national restaurant chain that now boasts more than 440 stores. His small town success story reveals how he thinks, what he worries about and what challenges he faced along the way. It was not a smooth path to success, but his family-owned business survived due in large part to his guiding principles: "Don't do something just for money. Do it for love. Do it for passion. Do it for happiness."

The 2012 forum presents Mike Robinson, who is vice president of sustainability and global regulatory affairs for General Motors. One of his major responsibilities is moving GM to the forefront of companies that are known for their proactive efforts in the areas of environmental and social responsibility. Prior to his current position Mike was vice president and general counsel of GM North America. In addition he has served as managing attorney for the company’s environmental practice area. As you might imagine he is on a number of boards including the executive committee of alliance of automobile manufactures, board of directors of safe kids worldwide, and the GM foundation.

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