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Faculty FAQ Index

Blackboard and Course Site Access

Accessing Blackboard

Logging into Blackboard

Creating a course site in Blackboard

Combining multiple sections or multiple courses into a single course site

My Blackboard course site is not listed

Course Site Availability

When are students added to course sites?

I don't want students having access to my course site until later.

When are course sites made unavailable to students?

Hiding old courses from My Blackboard homepage.

Student Access

When do new students have access to Blackboard and when do students stop having access upon leaving?

A student cannot see my course site from their Blackboard homepage

A student is having trouble logging into Blackboard

A student in one of my courses is not receiving emails I send through Blackboard.

User Management

I want to add a Teaching Assistant (TA) to my course site

I want to give another instructor access to my course site

A student dropped out of my class. How do I remove them from my Blackboard course site?

I'd like to create student groups - how do I do this?

Course roles in Blackboard

Course Content and Design

Le Design

Copying course content from a previous course site into a current course site

Importing course content from an exported course package

Adding content to a course site

Moving items from one content area to another within a course site

A word on WYSIWG

Course and file size

Creating Tests and Surveys

Creating a test in Blackboard, using Test Manager

Deployment and availability of a test

Can students save their tests?

A student needs to retake a test that is only available for students to take once. How do I make the test available for that student only?

A student has missed a test (or assignment) and the time limit has passed. How can I allow this student to take the test?

Adding Bonus Questions

Can students view a test after they have taken it?

Moving questions from a test to a pool.

Creating a test using questions from a Pool.

Points for students to consider when test-taking

Can I use Blackboard to conduct a survey?

Deployment and availability of a survey.

How do I view survey results?

The Gradebook

Adding items to the Gradebook

How do students view their grades in Blackboard?

Downloading and backing up a Blackboard Gradebook

Weighting grades in the Gradebook.

Including extra credit in Gradebook calculations.

Using Assignment Manager

Performance Dashboard

Communication Tools

Digital Drop Box

Discussion Board

Chat Room and Virtual Classroom


File Exchange

Building Blocks

Final Grade Submission 

IDEA Online

iTunes U



Closing Out a Course Site

Exporting a course

Submitting grades to the Registrar

Course Archiving

Frequently Asked Faculty Questions

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