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Students looking at artwork in a gallery

Students looking at artwork in the Weatherhead galllery

Students in the Weatherhead Gallery

School of Creative Arts

Art History

Elizabeth Kuebler-Wolf in ChinaThe study of art history enriches the artistic work of students in studio and design, providing practicing artists with a strong theoretical and historical foundation for their artistic practice. Art History at the University of Saint Francis is offered as a traditional Bachelor's degree in the School of Creative Arts, or students may choose to double-major in art history and a studio, graphics, computer, or communications concentration with a minimum of additional coursework hours. An available minor in art history may also complement your study in various other fields.

In the Art History program, students are challenged to become better writers, more creative thinkers, and to engage with and understand the dynamics of art in historic context. 

An Art History bachelor's degree prepares students for entry level jobs in a variety of areas, including non-profit agencies and museums, and businesses relating to buying, selling and appraising art. An undergraduate degree in art history also prepares students for graduate study in art history or in a variety of other professional fields, including museum administration, information science and law.

Special opportunities in Art History at the University of Saint Francis:

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