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Music Tech classroom

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Music Technology Facilities

Student working on Digidesign ICON system

The University of Saint Francis Music Technology program houses a large digital recording studio as well as a Mac-based computer music lab. We believe our students learn best by having hands-on opportunities to learn. This is why we limit our computer music and recording classes to a maximum of 12 students.

Our computer music lab workstations each include a 76 key electronic keyboard and MIDI controller, Pro Tools LE software, music notation software, a variety of virtual instruments, and more. Our large recording studio boasts a Digidesign ICON system with a D-Control and HD-3 system. A truly state-of-the-art recording setup, it allows students to train on the industry standard software and equipment used by today’s professionals.

A calendar of USF studio activity is available at the following link: Students can also reserve studio time through this site.

Sweetwater Sound

Our partnership with Sweetwater Sound, one of the largest music retailers in the United States, allows many unique opportunities to our students. Direct access to manufactures, designers, and artists help give our students a better insight on the current and upcoming trends for the music industry. Our relationship also allows students to pursue internships in many areas including marketing, sales, recording, and production.

Recording Studio

At the heart of the main recording studio at the University of Saint Francis is a Digidesign ICON, D-Control system that utilizes a Pro Tools HD-3 recording system. Here we have the ability to record 24 simultaneous tracks of audio through a variety of outboard pre-amplifiers. Besides a host of analog signal processors that can be patched into any point of the recording process, we also have some of the best digital software plug-ins in both TDM and RTAS platforms for Pro Tools. Both our main, ICON system as well as our computer music lab feature the McDSP Emerald Bundle software plug-ins for Pro Tools. A more complete listing of equipment can be found below.

Mastering Station

At USF studios, we can take an audio project from inception to completion for any type of media. This gives our students the ability to gain much needed experience on how to not only record audio, but to prepare for delivery to customers on a variety of different types of media needed today. Our mastering station allows students to put the finishing touches on audio projects using both analog and computer based equipment so that they can work both in and out of the box. Our mastering station is built around Apogee converters and features analog processing by Drawmer, Apex, and BBE. It also features a Sweetwater custom Creation Station PC running a variety of software DAW's and plug-ins such as Samplitude Pro, Wavelab, Sound Forge, and more! Along with the ability to finish audio, we also have the ability to author, print, and duplicate CD's and DVD's in full color.

Computer Music Lab

The computer music lab at USF is the heart of learning for our music technology students and often becomes like a second home to them. Our 11 station lab features Apple iMac computers that allow students to record and work on audio projects, score music, compose, and also keep up with their other classes on campus. Our lab runs Pro Tools as the main recording DAW but also contains virtual instruments such as Reason, the Apple iLife suite, and Sibelius for composition and notation. This lab also is home to our piano classes, MIDI class, Synthesis class, and more.

AT USF, we strive to not only provide great quality equipment, but also equipment that students are most likely to find in recording studios throughout the world. This gives our students the ability to gain hands-on experience on the equipment they will most likely find themselves using in the real-world. Below are some of the manufactures we feature in our studios.