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School of Creative Arts

Drawing & Painting Facilities

Drawing and Painting studioThe drawing and painting studios are spacious facilities allowing for the use of a wide range of mediums including: graphite, charcoal, pastel, colored pencil, oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, and airbrush. Each Studio is designed to provide opportunities for in-class projects as well as individual drawing and painting explorations.

The drawing and painting studios are located on the third floor of the Mimi and Ian Rolland Art Center. They have large windows, concrete floors for easy clean-up, excellent storage facilities and walls that retain the original brick of the building's structure before it was refurbished.

The studios also have state-of-the-art ventilation and exhaust systems. Both studios have adjustable track lighting as well as fluorescent lights. In the drawing studio, the moveable stage for models has a ring of lights over and around it, ensuring correct lighting situations for different drawing problems.

Between the painting and drawing studios is a large open area for mat cutting and framing. In this area, students can use a professional Fletcher 2100 mat cutter stationed on a large, carpeted table. A wall-mounted multi-material Fletcher 3000 cutter is nearby. It is capable of cutting glass, board or plastic. A professional frame chopper and joiner is available for student use.

Behind the mat cutting area is a spray room equipped with an exhaust system that covers nearly an entire wall. In this room, any toxic sprays like paint or glue can be used in complete safety. The room is even outfitted with explosion-proof lights. The spray room and mat cutting area are in a convenient location. Students can spray mount artwork and then move to the mat cutting area for final presentation.