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Looking at Value

The University of Saint Francis offers one of the lowest tuition rates of any private school in the state. The value of the education you receive at the University of Saint Francis is in the numbers: 95% of polled graduates are employed within their field of study after graduation or enrolled in graduate school.


Financial Aid Award Package

We send financial aid packages on a rolling basis after March 10. If you are accepted after March 10, it will take about 2 weeks!


To get the most of your financial aid, file your FAFSA by March 10. Be sure to list USF, code 001832. After you and your parents sign and submit a final FAFSA, you will get a Student Aid Report (SAR) in your email. The SAR is a confirmation that your FAFSA was received and filed. Make sure your information is correct and make changes as necessary. If there are errors on your SAR, they will need to be corrected by May 15 to be considered for Indiana State Grants!


After you receive your financial aid package, you will have to notify the Office of Financial Aid if you would like to decline any portion of it.



Freshman Net Price

This handy tool will let you know what federal and state aid you might be awarded as a USF student. This calculator doesn't include the university aid that you would receive as part of the admissions process.

Academic Scholarship

Use your GPA and test scores to see what academic scholarships you might get. Try bumping up your test scores to see if it is worth it to study and take the test again!